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Waste Water Management

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This training module is about Waste Water Management.

1. Introduction of the concepts of Water Scarcity, Water Security and Water Management
2. Enhancing the understanding of current water needs, inefficacies & problems of Water Management, particularly in the urban environment
3. Enhancing the in-depth understanding of key bio-chemical processes and technologies involved in Waste Water Treatment
4. Presentation of current, more traditional systems and innovative technologies & management practices (sewage treatment plants, rainwater harvesting, desalination etc.) involved in the new paradigm of Waste Water Treatment
5. Facilitating insight with successful examples of Waste Water Management practices leading to reuse of treated waste water, recovery of nutrients & energy and addressing urban floods
  • 1. Introduction & Basic Concepts
  • 2. Policies, Institutions and Regulatory Frameworks
  • 3. Chemical Processes critical for Waste Water Management
  • 4. Centralised Waste Water Treatment (CWWT)
  • 5. Decentralised Waste Water Treatment
  • 6. Recovery of ╬Łutrients from Waste Water
  • 7. Sludge Treatment & Uses
  • 8. Non Conventional Water Resources
  • 9. Principles of Water Security
  • 10. Floods in Urban Systems
Completion rules
  • You must complete 90.00% of the content